Ausgewählte Kapitel der Neurowissenschaften I

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The Central Auditory System

  • Untertitel   Oxford's dictionary, Temporal bone, Frequency extraction in the cochlea, Receptive field, Intensity coding (via fiber recruitment), Auditory Nerve Spikes, The CAS, Encoding inter-aural time differences (ITDs) in the medial superior olive [MSO), Before loo
  • Sprecher   Dr. Julio C. Hechavina
  • Ort   Bio - 1.203 Hörsaal 2
  • Datum   18.12.2017 @ 16:15

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Lecture: Hair Cells: Mechanisms of Adaptation; Hearing: Parameters of Sound etc.

  • Untertitel   Auditory System, Structure of stereovilli = stereocilia, Adaptation in hair cells, Human hearing range, Corti organ etc.
  • Sprecher   Prof. Dr. Manfred Kössl
  • Ort   Bio - 1.203 Hörsaal 2
  • Datum   12.12.2017 @ 09:10
  • Beschreibung   Vorlesung/Lecture: Ausgewählte Kapitel der Neurowissenschaften I Date: 12.12.2017 PLEASE NOTE: Volume may be needed to be turned up. Apologies in advance for this technical issue.

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Chemoreception Taste, Odor Perception etc.

  • Untertitel   Taste organs on the mammalian tongue, Three classes of taste cells, Olfaction, Mammalian primary olfactory transduction, Mammalian pheromone perception etc.
  • Sprecher   Prof. Dr. Bernd Grünewald
  • Ort   Bio - 1.203 Hörsaal 2
  • Datum   05.12.2017 @ 09:27
  • Beschreibung   Leider fehlen die ersten Minuten der Vorlesung, sorry!